All she wanted was a bit of peace but a tavern had not been her best choice. Mayhaps she should have remained aboard her father’s ship as she was told, whilst the crew was refreshing supplies to continue their journey at the soonest. Isabellé, however, could be stubborn maid, especially on her bad days. 

      Her heel pressed into the flesh of the man’s chest who had harassed her, the tip of her cutlass pointing forcefully against his skin, yet not enough to pierce through his throat — a silent threat. Being the daughter of a pirate it did not take much to grind her gears, though she knew well enough about the meaning of good form and rarely forgot her manners as lady. Yet, sometimes, it was too much to bear and to stay calm.

             For your own sake, —–
                      ye best be gettin’ on yer way out of m’ sight before I run you through.


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— Hast du meine Nachricht bekommen? Ich glaub’ Tumblr hat’s verschluckt o_o

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Gemma Arterton as Princess Tamina in Prince of Persia

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Hook + being a gorgeous son of a bitch

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        That was the way Killian had wanted his daughter raised - women were as capable as men in situations and heaven knew that women had higher tolerance for pain. Killian had been there when Cassandra had given birth and he knew he certainly wouldn’t want to experience such a thing. “I think that might be wise, aye. Mustn’t keep them worried now should we?” Killian chortled in amusement at the thought of the crew ever truly worried about him.



       As if the crew would ever be worried about us, da, she chuckled heartily and moved closer to her father’s side in order to slide her arm through his, seeking the comfort of his arm while they made their way back to the ship. Although it was something what a behaved lady like her would do, it somehow was a special habit between her and her father. When she was still a young lass, not even reached the height to look over the railing of the Jolly Roger, she often took his hook instead of his hand to pull him along, or to just take a walk on deck without ever wondering why he had only one hand. Never she would ask to why; it never mattered anyway. 

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